Excited by the prospect of looking fabulous by simply using an electric device on my face for 15 minutes a day I have begun researching the web for the perfect electrical facial toner (I am starting out with this and next month I will be moving on to facial exercises).

There is so much choice out there! I know... I did say Sleek Cheeks did the job, but that was a few years ago and surely technology must have moved on since then? ... I am not entirely convinced but I am up for testing it out (and finding the ultimate product for busting those wrinkles!)

Researching the web I found various products out there: Cleo, Rio Facial Rejuvenator, Nu Face, Tina Richards (apparently Kate Moss likes this product) ... these seem to have good reviews but are all relatively expensive (from around £100-£200). This is of course not expensive if results are good, but as I was very happy with Dreamwork's Sleek Cheeks I have opted to try out Dreamwork's latest model Elevate, it could only be better right? We'll see...

The product retails at around £30, but being the bargain hunter that I am I have placed a bid on Ebay for the item. My opening bid was £10 and I have placed a maximum bid of £16. I am currently the highest bidder, so keep your fingers crossed!

Below are images of the devices in mentioned order:

Picture 1Picture 2Picture 3Picture 4Picture 5Picture 6